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Doctor state: AR

John Gillespie

Christopher Westfall

Alyssa Wenger

A Thomas

Thomas Stank

Daniel Sines

John Shock

Jan Scruggs

Ammar Safar

Michael Roberson

Michael Roberson

Claire Price

John Phillips

Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips

Edward Penick

Edward Penick

J Parker

William Nevins

Everett Moulton

Paul Misischia

Paul Misischia

James McNair

Michael McFarland

Kellye Mc Elroy

Douglas Marx

Matthew Margolis

Stephen Magie

William Mabrey

Ronald Lowery

Robert Knox

Ivory Kinslow

Nicola Kim

Kenneth Kilgore

Alan Hughes

Charles Hof

Richard Henry

Russell Harral

Christopher Greer

Fred George

William Frederick

Randy Ennen

Annette Enderlin

Monica Dellimore

Philip Deer

Romona Davis

Peter Daut

Randall Cole

Scott Claycomb

Joseph Chacko

Jonathan Casciano

Richard Brown

Craig Brown

Wade Brock

Laurie Barber

Tracy Baltz

Tracy Baltz

David Baker

Sean Atreides

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