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Be My Eyes

January 14, 2020


The app opens by asking the user to choose if they are blind or visually imparied or a “sighted volunteer”. Users can create a new account or sign in via FaceBook or Google. If the user chooses to be a sighted volunteer, they will receive calls to help vision impaired Be My Eyes members. If users select that they are blind, they will receive calls from sight volunteers to help guide them through tasks.



Be My Eyes lets blind members contact “sight volunteers” when they need assistance or someone to talk to. It matches members and volunteers of the same language during their designated times of availability. The app is completely free to use by both parties. A more thorough explanation of what the app does may help more blind people choose to use it. It could also better prepare sight volunteers for the service for which they are volunteering their time.



Be My Eyes helps blind members by allowing sight volunteers to coach them through tasks. This helps them make sure they do not skip over steps and can even help them contact more direct help, if needed. The app lets sight volunteers set times when they are available to help and only lets members contact them during those times. The app also matches members and volunteers of the same language to prevent any language barriers.



Be My Eye is a useful service to help guide blind members, however, a more thorough explanation would better help members and volunteers understand exactly what the app does. It appears to be a general app where sight volunteers help blind members with tasks by vocally coaching them through the phone call. This general purpose is not explained anywhere as the app opens or in the FAQ.

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Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes lets blind members contact “sight volunteers” when they need assistance or someone to talk to. It matches…

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