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Eye Exam

January 13, 2020


Eye exam performs vision tests on users’ eyes to show if their vision is worsening over time. It instructs users on how to position themselves and their devices so that the most accurate readings can be performed. The tests and statistics are not meant to replace full eye examinations or the advice of a licensed optometrist. However, they can serve as tools to show the progression or digression of a user’s vision over time. 



Eye Exam is a helpful tool for measuring users’ vision and displaying them through easy-to-read charts and statistics. If users perform the tests regularly, they may begin to notice a decrease in their vision. While the measurements of Eye Exam can’t replace a full, in-person eye examination, they can let users know that they need to schedule an eye exam sooner than they would have known to without the app.



While it can’t be used as replacements for real eye exams, the test Eye Exam performs can help users notice when vision has decreased. Users may perform all the tests on a regular schedule and notice that their vision seems to be worsening over time. If this is the case, Eye Exam can serve as a warning to schedule a full eye examination and obtain corrective lenses.



Eye Exam aims to help users test their vision, but it can’t replace full examinations. If the statistics and measurements can’t be used in a professional health setting, the app may be a waste of time. The app doesn’t explain if the tests performed will even be reviewed or considered by a licensed optometrist.

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