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Magnifying Glass With Light

January 14, 2020


Magnifying Glass with Light opens with the app’s primary function: a camera screen on whatever users’ phones are pointed towards. Here, users can adjust the brightness and zoom into 5x the normal view. More enhanced views can be accessed by clicking the “i” and choosing from the extensive side list. 



Magnifying Glass with Light can be a useful tool for those who need to see objects closer or read small text. The zoom feature can be focused to 5x the normal sight of vision. The brightness can also be adjusted to best suit the lighting of the room. Many other features are available for a $1.99 purchase upgrade. The app opens into the magnifying glass function, but there is no tutorial on the best way to use its functions.



Magnifying Glass with Light gets right to the point the moment the user opens it. It opens into eyeglass mode, allowing the user to take a picture by clicking the box in the middle of the screen. For those who are having a difficult time seeing objects or small text close up, this app performs wonderfully. It expands up to a 5x zoom, the brightness can be adjusted. There are a multitude of other functions available in the sidebar for the upgraded version of $1.99 including a “Crystal Clear” mode, Image Stabilizer, and High Contrast.



When it is opened, users are left to their own devices to explore how the app works. While the app is somewhat self-explanatory, a short tutorial would be helpful so users can know they are not missing out on any helpful functions. The app seems to be a tool that only prolongs the inevitable.

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