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Prescription Check

January 13, 2020


Prescription Check is an app that offers a short eye exam that may be used to purchase contact lenses or glasses, if a more comprehensive exam is not needed. It opens with a short video explaining how an eye doctor can provide users with an updated prescription through the app. The process takes about 20 minutes. It can go one of two ways: the doctor can determine if the current prescription (with a few minor tweaks) can still be used or that the user may need to go into a doctor’s office for a comprehensive exam. The 20 minute in-app exam costs $40.00.



Prescription Check sets the user up for the online eye exam from the second the app opens through a chatbot feature. This conversational method may make users feel more comfortable in the test’s overall effectiveness, however the cost may be a dealbreaker for some people.



The app uses a chatbot feature to determine users’ location, age, and glasses wearing habits. It helps the user set up their computer and position so the eye exam can be performed correctly. This eliminates the trial and error users could face when trying to set up for the exam on their own. The app offers a straightforward approach so users can take advantage of its purpose without getting lost in the extra features.



The app doesn’t offer much positive marketing to reinforce its effectiveness. It does an excellent job of explaining how to position the computer and navigate to to perform the test, but doesn’t let users know if their $40.00 payment will be worth it in the long run. It continually reminds users that the test performed through the app and website is not comprehensive.

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Prescription Check

Prescription Check is an app that offers a short eye exam that may be used to purchase contact lenses or glasses, if a more…

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