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Seeing AI

January 14, 2020


Seeing AI translates the sounds around users into narration. It opens with a brief, helpful tutorial. As users browse through the different screens on the bottom, a new tutorial opens for each. The electronic voiceover reads text seen through the phone’s camera, describes surrounding objects and currency, and even introduces people after they have been programmed.



Seeing AI offers voiceover narration to describe people, objects, and text seen through the camera of the user’s phone. The overall and individual feature tutorials are very helpful in educating new users on its features. The narration can even be programmed to introduce people seen through the camera. Some features are misleading, such as including the word “share” in a feature description without offering the ability to sync to social media. 



The narrated tutorials in the beginning of the app help accurately explain Seeing with AI’s features. The voice narration can be adjusted in the sidebar and settings to allow a softer or louder voice, depending on users’ environments and surroundings. The app can even recognize different people that surround users after they have been programmed. Seeing AI seems to be incredibly beneficial for those with impaired vision to more quickly recognize their surroundings. 



The ability to recognize images from other apps is a bit confusing. This feature supposedly allows users to share and “Recognize Images with Seeing AI”, however, that seems to be the entire purpose of all the app’s functions. The “Light” feature is supposed to recognize and distinguish different lights through the camera, but it just continually scans with an electronic sound and no narration.

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