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Spotlight Text Lite

January 14, 2020


Spotlight Text Lite is a free app that has different font sizes and screens for 20 classic novels. The app was designed for people with vision problems, so they can better read their favorite novels. Actually locating and purchasing the book can be difficult, due to broken links. Users can try the free version on an iPad and read 20 classic novels with the screen adjustments. If they enjoy the app, they can upgrade to the paid version with over 250,000 more choices.



Spotlight Text Lite is a free app that offers 20 classic books with modified readability mode for people with impaired vision. The font size can be adjusted and it can be synced to external apps using an HDMI cord so they can be viewed on larger screens (i.e. TV). The app is difficult to search for and can only be downloaded on an iPad. The URL link to the App Store doesn’t work if you are trying to link on a smartphone.



Spotlight Text Lite is crafted to specifically cater to those with impaired vision. The free version offers 20 classic novels including The Scarlet Letter, Gulliver’s Travels, Hamlet, Moby Dick, Black Beauty, and more. Users can increase and decrease font sizes and sync them to Apple TV. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks over 250,000 more books.



Spotlight Text Lite’s main fault is that it cannot be searched and located to download within the app store on a smartphone. Searching for “Spotlight Text Lite” does not produce this app in the results. Even typing the apple URL into the App Store redirects to the App Store with a message displaying “Cannot Connect to the App Store”. The app can only be downloaded on an iPad. Making it available for download on an iPhone would be more convenient for users who want to read novels on the go, whenever they have time.

Mobile Apps

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Spotlight Text Lite

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